You're Two Weeks Away from Basement Bliss

Owens Corning®

Owens Corning Basement Finishing Systems are designed to eliminate the flaws and frustrations of other basement finishing options. As a homeowner, you get a fast, efficient installation of additional living space along with more home equity. That comes with a full Limited Lifetime Warranty on your investment, and the peace-of-mind in working with a proven entity.

With traditional wood and drywall installations, your basement is susceptible to absorbing moisture from the air. Or worse, be flooded and ruined. Owens Corning wall panels on the other hand are designed for moisture breathability and because they are inorganic, they are also not necessarily destroyed in the event of flood or standing water.

The acoustics (noise insulation) of the Owens Corning system are tremendous, reducing noise transfer by as much as 95%. Almost as if you've added a quiet sanctuary to your home. And because the wall system uses Owens Corning's patented high density fiberglass, you can trust your new living space will be warm and comfortable.

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